Essential oils have become the favourite of many beauty and healthcare fanatics, swearing by the aromatic ointments for healthy skin and luscious hair. After the craze of pube oils, we have a brand new trend in the market- BOOB OILS.

The beauty gurus are not missing out on this new fad because it is Emma Watson’s (Hollywood’s resident natural beauty) skincare expert’s advice. Imelda Burke, the founder of the London Clean Beauty Boutique Content Beauty & Wellbeing, emphasises on organic and synthetic-free natural oils for a healthier skin.

Described as a “cross between body oil and health tracker,” Burke says that massaging one’s boobs on a daily basis is a great way to spot any abnormalities and helps keep a mental track.

If one feels their boobs every day, they become familiar with their breasts. So if any lump is felt or any oddity is observed, women can approach the doctor. The oil composes of the most fragrant oils– sweet almond oil, frankincense, sandalwood and myrrh. Created by Zoe Lind van’t Hof, she started making it with her late mother after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The product is listed for £29 for 30ml – with the description as-

Massaging your boobs with Boobs’ Essential Oil as part of your daily routine enables you to catch two b(irds)oobs with one stone! According to scientific research, the four carefully selected essential oils may also prevent and reverse cysts, rejuvenate cells & increase immune cell activity.

The ritual of massaging this oil into your skin each day is a clever way of checking your breasts for lumps and changes.

However, in Huffington post, Kirsten Moysich, PhD, MS, Distinguished Professor of Oncology in the Departments of Cancer Prevention and Control and Immunology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, said

“I am unaware of any studies that have demonstrated that this particular oil has prevented and reversed cysts, rejuvenated cells or improved immune function in actual women. A healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and exercise are very effective ways to maintain a healthy immune system.”

But to the dismay of many, Emma Watson has yet not used it and it all just a claim. The good part- it’s a great mood lifter and it sounds like a really luxurious, sensual product that would make anyone feel super relaxed. But if you’re still sceptical of spending that much money for a product yet not reviewed, I suggest a cheaper version- massaging with regular almond oil, eating healthy and getting regular check-ups?

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Jagriti is an intern with SheThePeople.TV