There’s no denying that Indians are hardcore racists, but this time it has gone overboard. BJP’s Rajya Sabha member and president of the India-Africa Parliamentary Friendship Group, Tarun Vijay, made a racist remark specifically targeting South Indians.

These were his words, precisely:

“If we were racist, why would we have all the entire South (India) which is… you know Tamil Nadu, you know Karnataka and Andhra… why do we live with them? We have black people all around us.”


He was speaking with a foreign news network — Al Jazeera, when asked about the recent racial attack on two Nigerian students by a mob in a Greater Noida mall. The former BJP MP rubbished allegations of racism in India, saying:

“To say that Indians can be racist is the most vicious thing because we worship black gods… Krishna is black. And we have been seeing the descendants of the Africans living amicably in states like Maharashtra and Gujarat.”

“It can’t be a racist attack. There have been many such incidents… for several reasons… like economy… or sometimes even without a reason because of the criminalised behaviour doesn’t need any logic.”

He went on explaining to the photographer, “You are denying your own nation, you are denying your own ancestry, you are denying your own history, you are denying your own culture… and you are trying to be good. That’s very bad.”

Well, it doesn’t stop there! Vijay kept on commenting, “We gave Gandhi to Africa and Africa turned him into a Mahatma and sent him back to us.” “We are the victims of racism… how can we be racist? We have fought against racism,” he added.

Later, the BJP leader understood the seriousness of the matter and tried to do some damage control, posting a set of tweets like:



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