The recent mass molestation has stained Bengaluru’s image of being a safe metropolitan city for women. However, its football club Bengaluru FC is determined to change that and bring it back to being a safer place. For starters, the club acknowledged the incident and the safety concerns in the city in their recent league by wearing pink jerseys at the Sree Kanteerava stadium on Saturday.

They were playing the I League against Shillong Lajong. And right before the match began, the club posted on social media a video which had Captain Sunil Chhetri, center-back John Johnson and youngsters Daniel Lalhimpuia. The three players were seen giving out a strong message condemning the recent sexual crime against women and pledging to make the city safe again.

They said in the video, “What happened in Bengaluru last week was horrific but it is not the first time and it is not the only time. When 50% of the population have to live in fear, you know there is something wrong with all of us. And while it may not be all of us, it is up to each one of us to be a better example for the guy next to us.”

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The three players added, “It does not mean going out of your way. It is just treating them the way you would like to be treated yourself.”

They talked about how the stadium is like a fortress where people are looked after and they go home safe and if that can be done in the stadium, it can be done in the whole city. They pledged to be better men so women can feel safer.

The video is captioned, “A change in all of us, begins in all of us.” UN Women India also praised and congratulated the football club on their thoughtful effort.

Picture credit- One India