Close on the heels of delivery boy attempting to rape of a woman in her flat in Bangalore, another incident concerning sexual harassment has come into light, again involving a delivery boy, who has been arrested by the JP Nagar Police in Bengaluru. .

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A resident of JP Nagar, the woman filed a complaint with the police on July 8, stating that the delivery boy who dropped by to give her order placed from McDonald’s, ordered through Foodpanda, had allegedly harassed her via social media and sought out sex from her over the phone. According to the complainant the deliver boy came around, but she was unhappy with the delivered food, and so declined to accept the food as well as make the payment. As a response to this, the delivery boy gave her a weird look, and also made lewd and nasty comments, abused her and left. The woman had little inkling of what was coming next.

Half an hour later, she started receiving calls from the delivery boy, seeking sexual favours. He didn’t stop there. Later, he even forwarded her number on WhatsApp, naming her as an escort which resulted utter embarrassment for her as she started receiving hundreds of calls overnight from different men asking her how much she charges. She alerted the police about the matter, giving them all the numbers she had received calls from. The delivery boy who has been identified as Shreyas, is in his 20s, and had confessed to the police about the harassment. He admitted that the lady refused the delivery, so he wanted to “teach her a lesson” by harassing her over the phone.

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Deputy commissioner of Police (south) SD Sharanappa told Bangalore Mirror: “According to Shreyas, there had been a row between the woman and him when he went to deliver he food. He claimed she did not like the delivered item and asked him to take back the parcel. Shreyas told her that was not possible.”

From groceries to meals to furniture — everything is in our finger tips these days. But when these kinds of situations arise, it’s sure to leave us to wonder how safe home deliveries actually are.

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