Women have always been fast learners and multi-taskers with huge potential and capabilities, but they have been forever subjected to social discrimination for long that clipped their ambitious wings and kept them confined to their homes disconnected from the vast outside world.

But gone are those days because now with the rapid growth of internet and mobile penetration, women, even in small towns, have got a window to reach out, to project their true-worth to the world at large and create their own identity.

Women Entrepreneurs in India

Digitization has particularly helped women entrepreneurs and that is the reason behind having a whopping 49% women entrepreneur in India. It has helped remove all the geographical barriers and boundaries and have fuelled the growth of a large number of online platforms for mentoring and coaching women across the globe. This has helped groom successful women entrepreneurs at various levels and who in turn are contributing to the social and economic wellbeing of the world. Nothing has more truth than the saying “You educate a man, you educate a man; you educate a woman, you educate a generation!”

Being a woman entrepreneur myself with an eCommerce and Healthcare platform in the Maternity & Baby Care space called Mums ‘n’ Babies (www.mumsnbabies.com), I can personally vouch for the benefits of digitization in connecting to customers and mentors across the world. I must say we are lucky to have experienced this transformation in the way of doing work, business and socialising brought about by the advent of digitization, because it has brought the world to where we are. Today a woman residing in a small town in one corner of the globe has reach to customers all across the globe at the click of a button without spending a huge fortune.

Benefits of Digitization:

–          Ease of Connect – connect to all who matters from anyplace at the ‘click of a button’

–          Low Cost – advertising & marketing your venture or products & services no more costs a fortune.

–          Ease of learning– anyone can master the art of effectively using the digital platform.

Future is digital:

Digitization has already seen a huge leap in the last 10 years with almost encompassing all spheres of our lives – be it the mobile device in which resides practically ‘our entire world’ or the wearable tech devices that now takes care of all our health conditions and requirements without us having to do anything!

And going ahead, it looks like every bit of our life will be ruled by digital- be it education, health, travel, work, fun – and it will surely be one of the most important enablers in helping women break all the shackles and shine through!


Manimala Hazarika is the Co-Founder & Director of Mums ‘n’ Babies