Media mogul Arianna Huffington’s involvement in Uber is in the news. She is slowly appearing to be the public face of the company.

As Uber has gone through one crisis after another, it has been Huffington who has been selling the narrative that the company will change. She was the first woman director on Uber’s board, and she was the one Kalanick called when he learnt that investors wanted him to resign.

When Susan Fowler’s treatment at the company became public, Huffington was the one who met employees in person, and who led the board’s responses.

She is now on the board subcommittee, which is finding a new CEO for the company.

“It’s important for the new CEO to be able to have that entrepreneurial spirit, while also recognising that Uber is at a different stage now, where structures and processes are very important,” she tells FT.

Huffington became friends with Kalanick when Uber partnered with her wellness company, Thrive Global, for a campaign against drowsy driving.

She has earlier said that Uber’s sexual harassment problems aren’t systemic.

“She is clearly messaging to the outside world a shift at Uber. She knows how reporters operate. In a way, it’s good for effect and for news coverage. But it doesn’t necessarily mean anything will change. It could be smoke and mirrors. It remains to be seen,” a source who worked with her at Huffington Post told Vanity Fair. 

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Picture Credit: Bloomberg