If you are running a startup, chances are your team is full of young people, or millennials.

Millennials or the generation that has grown up with the internet are a breed that employers are trying desperately to understand. The common stereotype about a millennial is that they are easily bored, flit from job to job, and are a bit entitled. A Gallup study shows that employees aged 20-36 are the least engaged generation in the workforce. But many studies find that what millennials want from their employers is quite similar to the rest of the demographic population. A 2015 study by CNBC showed that millennial preferences are similar to the rest of the population.

Gallup also says that while the larger population’s work preferences are similar to what millennials want, millennials may just be more insistent on getting what they want — they want accountability.

So here are 7 things that they want in a boss. Do you fit the bill?

1. Millennials want to do work that is meaningful. So they want to have a boss who is supportive, who will mentor them and who is approachable. Gone are the days when bosses sat cloistered in their own mahogany offices. Millennials want bosses who are engaged in the day to day activities of the company.

2. They want to know they can grow. A boss should provide opportunities for millennials to focus on their strengths and take on new responsibility if they so desire. Millennials want to see that their job can help take them forward and help them build different skills. Some companies even send their employees on training programs, or invite speakers to give seminars.

3. Good and consistent feedback. Millennials seem to want feedback on a more frequent level than just at the annual performance review. They want to know if they are on the right track, and are generally more open to constructive criticism.

4. Millennials dream of being their own boss, and so they do not want a micro manager. They want to prove to their employers that they are responsible and get tasks done without someone breathing down their neck. It also helps them to be more creative!

5. They don’t want to pitted against each other. Millennials like a collaborative work environment. And if bosses constantly compare them to their peers and make work a competition, millennials can feel de-motivated and also less inclined to work well in a team. Foster team work and you will have a more productive organisation.

6. Work-life balance. This is a big one for millennials, and probably the rest of the population too! Concentrating on work completed, rather than hours spent on the office is a big motivating factor. And work and life now merge so seamlessly into one another, with the help of technology, so consider being more flexible about timings and the like.

7.  They want the workplace to be fun. This goes hand in hand with the point above. Nobody is asking you to get a ping pong table at the office, but a happy hour once a month wouldn’t hurt! Plan some social activities for your employees once in a while!

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