You know how you have those colourful, picturesque magazines in the seat pocket of your airplane? The one that has information about places to visit, eat, party? The one that you pick out when you’re not sleepy and want to know more about the culture and society of the place you’re visiting? Okay enough questions. The reason we are enquiring about this is that that magazine has printed particularly racist statements about Indians, Pakistanis and black people in a Chinese airline.

The magazine, named Wings of China was handed out to the people flying Air China. A journalist Haze Fan noticed one of the paragraphs printed in the magazine and tweeted it out to her followers who did not react well to this. Who will of course!

Here’s what the instructions read:

Instructions in Wings of China magazine handed out in a Air China flight.
Instructions in Wings of China magazine handed out in a Air China flight. Picture Credit: twitter

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Here’s how twitter responded:

For a person visiting another country, this information could be pretty alarming and terrifying. Stereotypes have never helped societies,  and it’s time that people, especially institutions stop condemning a race based on acts of certain sections of the society. It is this fear that hinders evolution of the human kind because we do not look beyond our prejudices.

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Also, this will be definitely act as an example of “what-to-avoid” for publishers who send out leaflets to tourists entering another country. Air China, why did you have to turn a simple safety concern into a racist concern? Feature Image Courtesy: wikipedia

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