Unaware of what to do and whom to call when the emergency app fails to respond when in danger? Wait till a panic button is incorporated in your handsets for quicker response.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has told the mobile phone manufacturers to install a panic button in their existing and new handsets to ensure women safety in the country. The prospects of the plan have been discussed with the manufacturers who have said to have agreed in principal, said Women and child development minister ,Maneka Gandhi, according to Economic Times report.


How will it the panic button work?


Women in distress can press the panic button in case they suspect danger. An SMS will be sent to the set of registered number providing the location information. The SMS will be sent to a  ‘panic response team’ chosen by each user. For the button to function, it will require a long or double press. to avoid any accidental operation. The button can be operated without unlocking the phone.


The manufacturers initially resisted the idea on the expenditure and design issue. However, agreed citing the facility can be provided even in basic phone. Lava International product head Naveen Chawla said, “Agreeing in principle, the companies have gone back, only to return with the technology vide which the panic button can be made available on all phones” as per Economic Times report.


Women safety has been a raging topic for Narendra Modi Government since elections. Taking it forward, Modi had recently suggested a need for a panic button to help women mobile users feel safe. The action was duly taken by Maneka Gandhi who wrote a letter to Communication Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, urging him to arrange a meeting  with the mobile set manufacturers. Responding to her urge, an meeting was arranged fortnightly. Since then, the Ministry has been receiving various suggestions from various sources to include special finger rings, bracelets and necklaces that could be used by women to send SOS messages.


Currently there are several apps like SafeTrac, GoSuraksheit, Sentinel, PanicGuard and Nirbhaya available on your mobile which ensures help during danger.


However,  We have to wait and see for it to get incorporated to test its effectiveness and response.


Till, then Ladies be your own saving guards!


Photo Credit: amnesty.org