On 4th August 2016, 800 girls belonging to a private school of Coimbatore gathered together to chant Vedic hymns for a two hour long session in order to set a world record.


These 800 girls were in the age-group of  8 to 18 years and belonged to various caste and religions. Keeping aside their difference of caste and religion many non Hindus also good spiritedly participated in the chanting session because they believed that chanting Vedic mantras brings peacefulness and sincerity. The result of their efforts is yet to be declared, however they have already been recognized by the international record keeping agencies.

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The session of chanting Vedic Hymns was a pretty difficult one especially for the younger participants, “we had practiced a lot in order to memorize the hymns” stated a 6 year old Prapti in press coverage to ANI.

Previously there have been two such events organized in Chennai and Patna where students tried setting a world record however the number of students that participated in the event held at Coimbatore was much larger than any of the previous attempts.

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So will these girls manage to set a world record? Watch this space.

Feature Image Credit: Screengrab from ANI video

Video Credit: ANI