From a common Agartala girl to an Olympian gymnast, Dipa Karmakar has truly nailed the fact that Indian women can make anything happen with their dedication and courage. A not-so-popular sport in India, gymnastics took a turn for better when Dipa Karmakar etched India’s name on the map of world gymnastics after qualifying for the finals in Rio.  Impressed by Dipa’s execution of rare and risky gymnastics moves, the legendary Nadia Comaneci walked up to her and patted her on the back.

Dipa has been a spectacular performer over the years and has won medals after medals besides a steller performance at the Olympics for the considerably precarious practice, Produnova.

But, what has really made Dipa win the people’s hearts across the world is her valiant personality and charming yet confident expressions while performing and a spirit which keeps her spurred to achieve even better. Let’s take a look at the 8 reasons that makes Dipa a real source of inspiration.

  • Has a dedicated coach from the tender age of 5

Dipa has trained herself for gymnastics from the age of 5 years with the same coach she works with today. Bishweshwar Nandi has been Dipa’s coach and has worked hard with her seeing her determination and perseverance for gymnastics.

  • Less or no financial support from the state sports authorities

With no financial support or training facilities to practice gymnastics in the state of Tripura, Dipa made it to the Rio Olympics after long years of waiting patiently. Given the high risk of injuries in a sport like gymnastics, Dipa had requested the Sports Authority of India to allow her to travel with her physio Sajad Ahmad, but it was not just refused, but she was even questioned as to why she needed a physio since she was the only gymnast travelling.

  • It’s the number of medals that speaks louder!

Dipa has won 77 medals in international and national level championships, including 67 golds at state-level championship. Deepa began her professional journey as a gymnast in 2007, but it took her an Olympic medal to be noticed by all.

  • Right temperament is the key to edge competition!

With appreciation coming her way for qualifying for the finals in Rio, Dipa was much praised by all for keeping her composure so well.

  • Diligently working since childhood made it all worth it

Due to her flat feet, which is not much preferred in gymnastics, Dipa started working on it from her tender age at 5 with countless hours of practice.

  • Praises from peers always spurs you to achieve better

While practising the risky Produnova in which people can even lose lives, Dipa received much adulation from gymastics greats. As she said after making it to the finals, “It’s Produnova which has made me famous across the world. Simone Biles walked up to me today and wished me luck before the competition. I was over the moon. When an athlete as big as Biles walks up to you, you are doing something great.”

  • Sticking to a strict diet and training 8 hours every day

Dipa hasn’t had sweets for several years now since her first stint in state-level championships. She trains every day for 8 or more hours, if required.

  • Believes in herself and her coach

This could be the most likeable thing about her way of being determined and making her way into an international sport like gymnastics. Dipa never cribs about her not getting enough facilities and equipment from the government. She has firm confidence in herself and always believes in what her coach says.