Aren’t we all dependent on technology or life hacks to go through our days smoothly? With our lives a running clutter, and so many tasks at hand, there are some gadgets, organisers that come in handy today. Gone are the days when multitasking was close to impossible.

We bring to you a list of hacks/gadgets that keep you organised while you’re storming through the day like a warrior.

Multiport Charger

It is efficient, it is amazing. As simple a description as the product. We’ve all been in a situation looking to charge our phone, power bank, iPod at the same time. Instead of looking for an extension board that has multiple sockets and quite honestly just looks like a mess, a multiport charger is small and pretty damn neat! Don’t worry when you have too many things to charge now. And help your co-workers out once in a while for bonus points!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Talking about iPods and music, I know so many people who invest in good headphones because that’s one way they can focus on task at hand. I’d say, this is definitely something that comes in handy when you want to concentrate and delve into your work… Especially with so many working in open offices these days.

Computer Glasses

For all those who spend non-stop hours on their laptops/desktops, this is something that will protect you from damaging your vision. No, seriously. Especially those who do not have a bad vision, this is one thing that will prevent you from reaching that stage. The UV rays from a computer screen are harmful to the eyes and therefore this comes in a handy hack.

Wireless Scanner

This has to be my favourite. You will find small, wireless scanners in the market these days and nothing can get as efficient as that. No need to hoard on to magazines and your favorite articles anymore. Just carry this small device with you in your bag and make use of it every time you read something interesting and want to save it for later.

Portable Printer

This again is a genius invention. It is a small device that lets you print text on the page by scanning over it. It connects to your smartphone, and laptop. Watch this video and you’ll know how streamlined it is for any entrepreneur to get work done fast and how !

Sleep Gadgets

An entrepreneur’s life is that of work, work, and some more work. Sleep doesn’t come easy, and when it does, it is disturbed without effort. Technology favours these soldiers and has come up with innovations that measure the sleep pattern of an individual and wakes them up just when they are in their lightest sleep mode. It traces environment, temperature, sound, humidity to calculate the right time to wake the person.

Portable Charger

The good old portable charger that has to be carried by every entrepreneur. Endless meetings and phone calls leave no time for one to sit and charge their phones, the communication mode that connects them with their clients, and portable charger is the answer to all those worries.

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