Today is actress Tabu’s 44th birthday, and here are 6 interesting things to know about one of Bollywood’s finest actresses!

1. She is Shabana Azmi’s niece. She hails from Hyderabad, and moved to Bombay in 1983.  She did her junior college at St Xavier’s College and had every intention to continue pursuing academics before she was introduced to acting. “I didn’t know what, but I definitely wanted to pursue academics, and travel in order to do that. And at one time I even applied to be an airhostess,” she said in an interview to Quartz India.

2. She got her big break when director Shekhar Kapur, who had known her since she was a child, insisted she act in Prem. The film ended up taking 8 years to make, and by that time Tabu had fallen in love with acting. “I got completely involved… Once I started acting there was just no way I could turn back,” she told Quartz.

3. When asked what kind of film she would make, Tabu said she would make an action drama film, even though the genre is ‘unlike’ her.  She said she cannot make a comedy as she thinks comedy is too difficult to make.

4. She has not read any of the books that her movies are based on. She says that she ‘has to enact the script, not the book’ in an interview with Scroll. She even tried reading Life of Pi, and The Namesake, but could not finish them!

5. She has won two National Awards, for Maachis and for Chandni Bar. She was also awarded the Padma Shri in 2011.

6. Tabu knows various languages, including Hindi, English, Bengali, and Tamil.

Here’s wishing her a happy birthday!

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