Every day the newspaper throws at us reports that talk about young children being targeted by cyber criminals. We have ushered in a digital age with such speed that it becomes imperative for us to teach our future generations about ethical use of the internet and save our kids from the negatives of the internet like gaming, social media, violent and abusive content. The myriad benefits that the Internet has to offer, it is impossible for us to limit children from accessing the Internet. We can, however, raise a generation that is aware and tech healthy.

Let us discuss some ways in which we can teach tech-healthy habits to the younger generations.

1. Avoid giving mobile phones to children at a very young age

Parents often give their children the luxury of owning mobile phones at a tender age when kids are not adept to understand the potential threats that loom around misusing it. Unnecessary calls and messages, overuse of social media apps increase their chances of falling prey to cyber bullying.

2. Communicating in right way

Parents must take note that many people with wrong intent are looking for opportunities on the Internet. Children must be discouraged to use social media till they can do it responsibly. Cyber bullying, identity theft, fake profiles, etc must be discussed with them openly so that they are cautious of strangers who try to be too friendly.

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3. Monitor online activity

The best way to monitor your child’s online activity is by keeping the computer in a room which is frequently visited by everyone. Keep a track of the sites he/she visits.

4. Set good examples

Children imbibe most of their early habits from their parents. So, if you stay glued to your mobile phone most of the time, the chances of your child developing the same habits are very high. Keep a check on your own online activity and they will automatically mend their ways.

5. Encourage them to participate in other activities

As responsible parents, one must be very careful about where and how the kids spend their time. Introduce your children to hobbies like sketching, dancing, swimming that can provide physical exercise and keep them engaged.

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