It breaks my heart that we have to put together a list like this, but hey, in order to bring in the change that we seek, we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do. The world is going to play Holi the day after tomorrow, and the streets of India will go colour. Amidst all the fun and play, there will be a few girls sitting back at home or limiting their Holi celebrations within the household for the parents fear the drunken predators out there who will do anything, no matter how violative, under the garb of ‘Bura na maano Holi hai’. [Picture Credit: National Geographic]

But there will also be women who will defy their parents’ fears, move out of the house and enjoy Holi parties with their friends and social acquaintances. This is what they (me included) can do to have better odds at being safe:

Travel in packs:

It would be advisable if you do not set out to venture the streets all by yourself, well yes, unless you know your martial arts. Also, call me sexist but have a man around (they usually don’t invade each other’s territory)

Wear pockets:

Either a pant with pockets or a waist-pouch and keep pepper spray and a small knife can be a great hack. In short, carry material enough to do damage enough to buy you time enough to escape.

Holi Festival and Women by Zee
Holi Festival and Women by Zee

Carry your own bhang:

Bhang is a tricky drink. Too much of it could spin your world for the next couple of days. However, its legal and some bhang thandai on a Holi morning is a well savoured beverage. However, it would be advisable to carry your own bhang to whichever party you go to and call for plain thandai. This way, you will know exactly how much of it you’re taking and stay in control as long as you like!

Prefer to wear skin fitting clothes:

It is usually more difficult to slip your hand through tight fitted clothing without you getting to know.

Holi is a good time to say no:

Women must explicitly let the next person know if they do not wish to make physical contact in greetings of Holi. It’s perfectly okay to say no. And if he feels offended, go with ‘Bura na mano Holi hai’. I’m sure they’d understand what you’re talking about!