We thought this only happens in India. When a guru claims that women entering temples should be raped. Or worse when politicians call women parkati nariyan. Who would expect these bizarre statements can even come out of Harvard. That’s right. Read on.

One key alumni argued that women entering all male clubs of the storied institution were really for perpetuating sexual assault, which is apparently a widespread problem at the Boston-based school.

Charles Storey, president of the graduate club called The Porcellian suggested in a report to The Crimson that making male clubs more inclusive was causing them ‘challenges.’

The Porcellian, which claims U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes among its membership, has a long-standing members-only policy that bars guests from entering their Massachusetts Avenue clubhouse. That policy, Storey wrote in an email which was accessed by The Crimson, “greatly reduce[s] the potential for sexual assault.”

In effect Storey argued that barring women from the club “greatly reduce[s] the potential for sexual assault.”

Storey also wrote that the Porcellian believes it “is being used as a scapegoat for the sexual assault problem at Harvard despite its policies to help avoid the potential for sexual assault.”