A 17-year-old girl in Kerala was set on fire by her lover just because she didn’t want to elope with him as he had suggested. She lives in Kadammanitta district. The incident occurred on Friday night (July 14), when her parents were not home, according to the police.

Her 23-year-old boyfriend had asked her to come out of the house, and she had said no. So he returned with a bottle of kerosene and poured it over her head, and set her ablaze. Neighbours rushed her to a nearby hospital. She was then shifted to Kottayam Medical College. She has over 80 per cent burn injuries. 

The man who set her on fire has also suffered 50 per cent burns. He has been arrested, say the police. Earlier this year, in Kerala, Aaadarsh Suneethan set himself and his girlfriend on fire, after she stopped talking to him. Both of them died.

There are so many incidents of scorned lovers setting their girlfriends ablaze. Last month, there was a similar incident when a man from Thane set his girlfriend ablaze, and she suffered 70 per cent burns. 

Why is fire used as a weapon in this way in India? And why do men think it is acceptable to punish women for simply exercising their free will?

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